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As a part of the McNaughton-McKay Networking Solutions & Services Team, Motivity Technologies’ mission is successfully applying digital transformation to your business. With a broad background of experience ranging from manufacturing to IT, Motivity Technologies can accelerate our solutions by providing technical consulting, network assessments and project management. We will help you solve any issues that arise when dealing with the increased need for technology and promote discussions between facilities, operations and IT. Regardless of your size or industry, Motivity Technologies is ready to move your business forward.

OT/IT Team Knowledge

Bridging the Gap of Your Connected Enterprise

Motivity Technologies is a team focused on connected services. We are a group of people with both manufacturing/OT (operations technology) and IT (information technology) experience which informs our approach to industrial Ethernet network design, assessment and implementation. Our holistic perspective keeps relevant security practices and policies top of mind when considering solutions for your facility.

Clients leverage our expertise to achieve business outcomes related to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives. We start by assessing the current network infrastructure and security policies, collaborating to create a future vision of the client’s version of the Connected Enterprise and creating a roadmap to reach the goal.

With an extensive background of bridging the divide between OT to IT, Motivity Technologies can accelerate solutions by providing technical assistance, network assessments and project management throughout implementation.

From serial protocols to DH+ to Ethernet IP, our engineers can diagnose, design and deploy multiple solution sets on a variety of industrial controls platforms.

Motivity Technologies deploys across regional boundaries and utilizes the collective experience of our teams and partners across vertical markets to successfully apply digital transformations and modernization efforts.

Committed to Solutions
Motivity Technologies supports the customer with the solution that works best, focusing on the outcome independent of the hardware manufacturer.

ISNetWorld Safety Certified
Motivity Technologies is committed to safety and participates in ISNetworld.

ISN Member Contractor Alert

Step 01 Plan

Motivity Technologies wants to understand your project needs and will collaborate with your team to define requirements and document desired results. We can evaluate your current environment and design a solution using industry standards to meet your goals.

Step 02 Implement

Once the solution has been identified, Motivity Technologies can implement that solution following best practices. Our in-house project management team will structure a timeline to meet your deadlines and respect your production schedule.

Step 03 Monitor

Once the solution is in place, Motivity Technologies will become a solid go-to for all future smart manufacturing needs, leveraging our expertise in your network. We can monitor your network and help maintain a standard of availability.