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Network Services

Network Services

How robust is your production network?

Today’s networks are expanding across your environment and there is an urgency to modernize under-performing legacy systems. Whether you have an existing flat network in need of redesign or a new one that needs to be architected from ground up, we can help.

Manufacturers have increasingly high productivity demands, and evolving technology continues to impact the plant floor infrastructure. While the introduction of complex technologies can help meet production demands, controls engineers, maintenance technicians and IT managers have increased challenges to manage and secure industrial control infrastructure.

  • What is the current health of your network and how can that information facilitate change?
  • Are you interesting in building and/or strengthening your network?
  • Is your network strong enough to support the growth you are looking to implement?
  • Does your network support your current production requirements?
  • Do you have a list of assets on your network?

Motivity Technologies is here to help!

Solutions & Services

Network Assessment

A Standard Network Assessment can provide you with the data needed to improve the health and security of your industrial control system (ICS) Ethernet network.

Traffic Analysis

A Network Traffic Analysis provides detailed information about the architecture, communications, security and disaster recovery preparedness of your network. Recommended remediation steps will provide the best course of action to improve the performance of your network.

Network Design

Logical Design provides the network details necessary to procure, install, and configure a network for a single machine system or cell/area zone based on the requirements of the system and the network in which it will be integrated.


Physical Design provides hardware and wiring details, complementing the logical design, to fully implement your new network


A complete network can be installed from the ground floor up. Whether you have a greenfield or a brownfield site, Motivity Technologies will install each piece of your fully optimized industrial network.