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Predictive Maintenance

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What does the future hold?

Preventative maintenance is the goal we all strive to achieve — effectively preventing a catastrophic production-stopping event.

The loss of production or profit usually dictates how aggressively an organization is pursuing a preventative maintenance philosophy. The pursuit is driven by:

  • The loss of product sales or customer loyalty.
  • The avoidance of an idle workforce, on the clock, waiting for the machine to be fixed.
  • Production stops under the wrong conditions causing damage to the machine and product.

Technology can help change the “run it until it breaks” philosophy. Small sensors, many of which can be implemented on existing machinery, provide visibility to key components of the machine and an understanding of the number of cycles or cycle times by tapping into existing wiring and communication via Ethernet. Wireless battery-powered sensors can attach to motors and communicate heat or vibration information and provide real-time critical motor information prior to failure.

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