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Remote Access

Data Center

Does your team have 24/7 access to important items on your network? Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Remote access reduces the cost and time needed to troubleshoot your unexpected machine failures. With remote access to smart machines, you can respond faster to equipment issues or help prevent them in the first place — resulting in less downtime and increased production.

According to data collected, an estimated 65% of machine problems require a simple fix, such a software upgrade or minor parameter changes — which can be done remotely.

As facilities embrace the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart manufacturing, they will rely heavily on a secure remote connection to their machines’ data. There are significant challenges to implementing remote access of industrial control systems (ICS), including security, connectivity and complexity. Additionally, there is also the demand for a targeted and safeguarded functional connection to the associated IT systems. For many users, these obstacles limit the implementation of remote access.

Motivity Technologies has experience implementing hardware and software remote access solutions. Our team can help you determine the right solution for your environment.

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