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Server Deployment

Cloud computing

Our expert network engineers can stand up infrastructure to any scale.

Is smart manufacturing pushing new or an increasing amount of software demand to your production environment? Is production able to keep up with your needs to maintain productivity and profitability?

Compute infrastructure including server deployment is within your grasp. Not every business or department, however, has the resources of an onsite data center with highly trained and available IT resources.

Motivity Technologies is experienced in delivering an array of commercial and mission-critical server compute infrastructure platforms. From commercial desk or rack servers to hyper-converged and fault tolerant hardware-based offerings, we can help you make an informed decision on what platform is right for your business with a solution that is easy to live with. Motivity Technologies incorporates valid designs and vendor reference architectures to ensure your applications are compliant with the compute infrastructure deployed. This translates into a secure and reliable experience. When properly executed, server compute infrastructure is virtually undetectable, providing seamless and frictionless operations.

Motivity Technologies is here to help!

Solutions & Services

Server Hardware: Installed and/or Configured

Storage and Backup Solutions: On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid

Application Deployment Including Thin Client Provisioning

Ongoing Support

Software and Patch Update Services